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By FirmoGraphs Staff
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You market and sell B2B to US industrials.  Both you, and your customers, gain much from participating in industry associations and their annual trade shows.  

Working association trade shows can be exhausting.  Executed well, you leave with that sort of satisfied, spent feeling after preparing your car for the family ski trip, packing the car, washing the windows, checking the tires and oil.  That’s the feeling of a tough job well-done.  Poorly executed, it’s the cold, wet exhaustion of changing a bald, blown tire on the side of a busy freeway in the rain.  Ruminating “well, that didn’t go well”, and knowing it could have been better with planning.  

A great experience starts with careful planning, and to plan, you need to know when and where the shows are happening.  FirmoGraphs curates data on 100s of the best US industrial associations and their tradeshows, focusing on heavy industry, and topics of interest to industrial markets.  

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There can be incredible value in:

  • Bountiful speaking opportunities, both sponsored and unsponsored

  • Vendor neutrality, presenting the chance to meet your competitor’s customers

  • Education, both in the classroom and vendor hall

  • Recruiting and networking

  • Parties!   and the list goes on...

We are here to help you plan and execute your industry associations.  Imagine:

  • Layering your sales and marketing coverage against when and where the critical events are

  • Visualizing your customer and opportunity data against the most-important accounts

  • Steering your business leadership to invest in the best shows, where the greatest regulatory issues, competitive footprints, and lack of good accounts exist.

  • Showcasing your best products, business positioning, and case studies.  

  • Executing decisively, with joint customer presentations, hospitality events, and meetings with partners and analysts

  • Finishing strong, assigning leads, and tracking results back to the event

Most of the 100s of associations we track focus in these areas:

  • Environment:  air/climate,water resources,waste/recycling,

  • Safety:  chemicals, safety and health, product safety

  • Industrial:  construction, aerospace and defense, mining and minerals, manufacturing, food and agriculture,air transit,road and rail transit, industrial equipment, industrial materials,industrial facilities

  • Operational Excellence:  sustainability, quality, energy efficiency

  • Energy: fossil fuels and energy, nuclear energy, renewable energy

  • Public Sector: water/wastewater, government administration,general public works

  • Industrial Professions:  geology, engineering, economics and finance, business administration, research and science

Be a hero.  Plan ahead.  Show your executives where to invest your time and money.

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