REW Blog: 5 Mega Solar Projects Starting Construction in 2023

By FirmoGraphs Staff
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FirmoGraphs recently shared an article with Renewable Energy World readers, detailing 5 large solar projects starting construction in 2023. For context, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the United States solar industry continues to set records. SEIA predicted that the country’s total installed solar capacity would more than quadruple by 2030, with annual installations reaching 45 GW. These 5 projects are a part of over 100 significant and large solar projects starting construction in 2023 with a total estimated value of nearly $40 billion.


FirmoGraphs monitors energy, water, transportation, and other infrastructure projects in 50 states and Washington. Getting solar generation projects and discerning the big pictures they paint is time-consuming work. Unfortunately, it’s the easy part of dealing with the documents. The tough part is converting the information they contain to data and sorting it in ways that help you find projects that your company pursues.  Our data is uniform and easily accessed in easy-to-use dashboards. FirmoGraphs provides the map, so we’re urging you to feel free to request a meeting, and review the data live in the BI. 

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