Great Lakes Water Authority, Michigan, Capital Program Increased by 3.5%

By FirmoGraphs Staff
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FirmoGraphs keeps our clients up to date on capital plans that may contain leads for them. We help our customers use this information to gain a competitive advantage and improve proactive conversations with their clients. We recently processed Great Lakes Water Authority, Michigan, latest capital spending plan. Here are the insights we observed.

According to the latest CIP for 2023-2027, the Great Lakes Water Authority plans to spend $1,727.4 million on capital projects, an increase of 3.4% from nearly $1,670.9 million in 2022 2026 CIP. The current CIP has 184 discrete projects, compared to 167 projects in the prior CIP. The table below breaks down Great Lakes Water Authority’s planned capital spending by business area for its last two CIPs.

*Numbers are Rounded

Water and Wastewater Spending Increases

Planned spending in the Water category will increase to $963 million, a nearly 4% increase from the prior period. The increase is due to a $41 million newly added project, the Reservoir Inspection, Design, and Construction Management Services Phase II. Also, planned spending in the Wastewater category increased by $30 million. The newly added Water Resource Recovery Facility projects are responsible for the increase. These increases are accompanied by a decrease of $7 million or 74% in the Centralized Services Category.

Water and Wastewater Projects to Get More Than $100 Million

The current CIP contains four projects valued at more than $100 million. The projects are 96-inch Water Transmission Main Relocation and Isolation Valve Installations, Springwells Water Treatment Plant, Water Works Park to Northeast Transmission Main, and Freud & Conner Creek Pump Station Improvements. These projects are under Water and Wastewater areas which have the biggest allocation in the CIP of the Great Lakes Water Authority.

How FirmoGraphs Can Help 

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