Industry Insight: U.S. Water Systems By the Numbers

By FirmoGraphs Staff
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Water Industry Insight

Did you know… that the U.S. Water System is comprised of over 144,000 organizations serving about 330 million people all over the country?


A little more… About 35% of all Water Systems are categorized as Community Water System (CWS). There are 50,000 CWS serving over 312 million people, including the residents of Texas, California, and Washington. Transient non-community systems are the most numerous with 77,000 systems. These systems cover smaller areas and populations, serving a total of 12 million residents. The most rural water systems serve less than 10,000 population in their respective areas. Those are Water Organizations are located in Wisconsin with 8,120 water systems, Michigan with 6,000 water systems, and New York 4,800 water systems.


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