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By FirmoGraphs Staff
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Most of us have BI tool experience. As marketers and salespeople, we sell them to our customers and our companies own them. The problem is we don’t often use these tools to plan our work, and work our daily plan.

But why? Why don’t we use these tools? Is it because they are too hard to use? Are you alone in your frustration?

They are not difficult to use, and you are not alone in your frustration. There are plenty of amazing and easy-to-use tools available out there. As reported in the 2017 Gartner report “Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms”, BI tools are increasingly mainstream. Our experience is that salespeople and marketers don’t widely use BI tools because the data is not readily available to them. And without well-organized data, you can’t make the most of these tools. This is where we come into the picture.

Our roots are in provisioning...marketing, selling, and delivering...Operational Excellence (OE) software and services to industrial firms. We have a particular interest in helping our customers improve human health and the environment by improving the OE performance of their customers.

Our partnership with you helps drives a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement, growing your business and ours.

The data you get is collected after investing a substantial amount of time and skill and curated in a solid relational database format. Not to mention that the entire dataset is quality assured and version controlled. So, you can start using your BI tool without having to spend time in the data gathering process. 

We apply business intelligence to your challenge of understanding and mastering your target industrial markets.


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