Water & Wastewater Market Recap, November 2022

By FirmoGraphs Staff
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The November 2022 Water and Wastewater Market Recap covers interesting and useful water industry news for this month. It contains updates on industry drivers, notable projects, and recent mergers and acquisitions, as well as some interesting reads, and upcoming upcoming meetings and conferences.

Industry Drivers

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Our data team tracks major developments in the water industry, which we call drivers. Here are some of the most important drivers from last month.

EPA Reestablishes Federal Water Pollution Standards for Washington

Status: Proposed

Organization: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Summary: On November 15, 2022, EPA announced a finalized rule to reestablish the water quality standards in Washington state. The final rule includes limits for 72 different pollutants in water based on the comparatively extensive quantity of fish and shellfish consumption in the state.

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EPA Announces Supplemental Proposed Rule to Modify Toxic Substances Control Act Fees Rule

Status: Proposed

Organization: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Summary: On November 16, 2022, EPA announced a supplemental proposed rule to ensure the collected fees provide the agency with 25% of authorizing costs under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The proposed rule accurately estimates the anticipated expenses to administer TSCA. Other changes include a partial refund of fees for withdrawing new chemical submissions from the review process, narrowing certain fees exemption, and extending the timeframe to companies for test orders and payments. In addition, EPA is planning to hold a webinar for all stakeholders on December 6, 2022, to review the proposed rule-making.

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EPA Highlights Important Progress in Protecting Communities from PFAS

Status: Proposed

Organization: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Summary: On November 17, 2022, EPA published a report highlighting the agency's key actions in implementing the strategic PFAS roadmap during the first year. The actions taken by EPA include:

  1. proposal to designate two PFAS as hazardous substances;
  2. release of the drinking water health advisories; 
  3. enhancement data on PFAS; 
  4. beginning of a $10 billion distribution under Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to address emerging contaminants;
  5. issuance of 30 publications to understand the scientific aspect of PFAS.

In addition, the report also highlights the upcoming actions of the EPA regarding the availability of data on PFAS, proposing the latest drinking water standards for PFOS and PFOA, restricting PFAS in discharges, and regulatory processes for designating CERCLA hazardous substances..

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Notable Capital Improvement Programs


Here are some recent, notable Capital Improvement Programs (CIPs). FirmoGraphs has deconstructed the CIPs into data elements, along with available project descriptions. Please feel free to request a meeting and review the data live in our business intelligence application.

Port of Seattle, Washington, Planned Capital Spending Increases by 3%

In the CIP covering the 2023-2027 fiscal years, Port of Seattle, Washington, detailed plans to spend over $5.1 billion on capital projects, an increase of 3.2% from $4.9 billion in its 2022-2026 CIP. The current CIP has 375 discrete projects, compared to 409 projects in the prior CIP. The table below breaks down the Port of Seattle’s planned capital spending by business area for its last two CIPs.

Planned Increase Due to New Projects and Higher Revenues

Planned spending in the Aviation business area increased by 13.7% to $4.5 billion. The increase goes to a new project, the S Concourse Evolution, worth $674.3 million. This project will upgrade systems, reprogram the public-facing areas, and add duty-free, retails, and dining opportunities. Economic Development and Maritime Division also increased by $86 million and $57.8 million, respectively, due to higher revenue from the Conference & Event Centers and the Ball Street Garage and higher revenue from Cruise. 

Over $2 Billion Investment in Aviation Projects

Port of Seattle’s recent CIP has five notable projects valued at more than $200 million, all belonging to the Aviation category. The largest single project is the S Concourse Evolution Project, worth $674.3 million. This project upgrades systems, reprograms public-facing areas and adds duty-free retail and dining opportunities. Listed below are the other four notable projects and their proposed spending:

  • Check Baggage Recap/Optimization Project - $591.6 million; project replaces and reconfigures baggage screening equipment and operations.
  • North Main Terminal Redevelopment Project - $367.4 million; project would involve redeveloping space at the north end of the Main Terminal Ticketing Level of the Airport to improve passenger processing and security and elevate the overall passenger experience. 
  • C Concourse Expansion Project - $300 million; Construct three additional floors on top of the Airport’s concourse C building to meet space needs for passenger restrooms, concessions, passenger lounges, and other tenant offices.
  • Aeronautical Reserve Project - valued at $225 million.

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Great Lakes Water Authority, Michigan, Planned Capital Spending Increased by 3.4%

According to the latest CIP for 2023-2027, the Great Lakes Water Authority plans to spend $1.7 billion on capital projects, an increase of 3.4% from nearly $1.6 billion in 2022-2026 CIP. The current CIP has 184 discrete projects, compared to 167 projects in the prior CIP. The table below breaks down Great Lakes Water Authority’s planned capital spending by business area for its last two CIPs.

Spending Increases Due to New Projects

Planned spending in the Water category increased by nearly 4% to $963 million. The increase is due to a $41 million newly added project, the Reservoir Inspection, Design, and Construction Management Services Phase II. Also, planned spending in the Wastewater category increased by $30 million, and it’s due to the newly added Water Resource Recovery Facility projects. These increases are accompanied by a decrease of $7 million or 74% in the Centralized Services Category.

Over $230 Million Planned Investment in Pumping Station Projects

Great Lakes Water Authority has four projects valued at more than $100 million. The largest single project belongs to the Water category, the 96-inch Water Transmission Main Relocation and Isolation Valve Installations, valued at $170  million. This project deals with relocating around the existing superfund landfill addition of isolation valves along the 96-inch water transmission main. Listed below are the other three notable projects and their proposed spending:

  • Improvements of Freud & Conner Creek Pump Station - valued at $126.1 million under the Wastewater category; project provides an operational strategy design to optimize the utilization of interconnected piping and operation between Conner Creek and Freud Pumping Stations. 
  • Improvements of the Springwells Water Treatment Plant, Low-lift and High-lift Pumping Station - valued at $109 million under the Water category; project comprises replacing the low and high pumping units, pump house exterior windows, and medium-voltage electrical system. 
  • Construction of the Water Works Park to Northeast Transmission Main - valued at $100.2 million under the Water category; consists of three-phase construction of three-phase construction to complete the water transmission system from Water Works Park to Northeast.

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Notable M&A


The following M&A transactions in the Water and Wastewater Industry stand out in the month of November:

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