City of San Diego, California, Capital Program Decreased by 4%

By FirmoGraphs Staff
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FirmoGraphs keeps our clients up to date on capital plans that may contain leads for them. We help our customers use this information to gain a competitive advantage and improve proactive conversations with their clients. We recently processed city of San Diego, California, latest capital spending plan. Here are the insights we observed.

In the CIP covering the 2022-2026 fiscal years, San Diego detailed plans to spend $3137.9 Million on capital projects, a decrease of 4% from nearly $3251.7 Million in its 2021-2025 CIP. The current CIP has 255 discrete projects, compared to 283 projects in the prior CIP.
The table below breaks down City of San Diego planned capital spending by business area for its last two CIPs.

Spending Increases for Stormwater, Parks & Recreation and Facilities Services; Transportation and Citywide Spending Decreases

Planned spending in Stormwater will increase to $137.5 million, a 200% increase from the prior period. This was due to an $82 million and $55 million additional project which are the Stormwater Green Infrastructure and Flood Resilience Infrastructure. These projects aim to remove pollutants from stormwater before it enters the City’s public waterways or to reuse the storm water and keep it from entering public waterways; and provide for the high priority redesign and reconstruction of existing storm drain structures respectively.
Planned spending was also increased by $30 million on its spending in Parks and Recreation and Facilities Services. These increases are accompanied by a significant decrease of $163 million in the transportation category.

Public Utility Projects to Get more than $100 Million

Despite a slight reduction of 4% the biggest allocation goes to Public Utilities with $2,491.9 million planned. Under this category, the Pure Water Program is the largest single project with an allocation of $817 million. Also, another $800 million are planned on water main replacements, sewer main replacements, pipeline rehabilitations and Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

How FirmoGraphs Can Help 

FirmoGraphs curates data about U.S. public sector markets, including capital plans, regulatory developments, and other critical information. We help our customers use this information to gain competitive advantage and improve proactive conversations with their clients. We’d be glad to meet with you and help your company sort through the wealth of information in capital plans and other publicly available documents. Feel free to request a meeting and review the data live in our Business Intelligence platform.

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