FirmoGraphs Ash Mart, May 2019 Release

By FirmoGraphs Staff
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FirmoGraphs is pleased to make our first official release of the Ash Mart. The Ash Mart is a definitive resource for organizations marketing to US Utilities that generate coal ash, particularly those that fall under the Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities Final Rule.  It also applies to the utilities themselves, for benchmarking their own operations against industry peers.
The Ash Mart helps customers ask and answer important questions, such as:

  • How can I develop our US Coal Ash market strategy?  
  • What beneficial reuse options exist for coal ash at different sites, and how can I leverage a combination of transportation systems and reuse technologies to make this happen?
  • Where can we find our next Coal Ash clients?  
  • What regulatory enforcement and risk management drivers are shaping the market?  

The Ash Mart is created and maintained by curating data from public records of nearly 100 organizations operating 300 regulated sites and 700+ CCR units.  1000s of documents, containing 100,000s of pages of printed material, were analyzed and combined with data from EIA reporting to gather 100s of relevant attributes.  

The Ash Mart has already been featured in a number of industry presentations and will be demonstrated at the upcoming World of Coal Ash (WOCA) meeting on May 13 - 16, 2019.  

The Ash Mart is:

  • Multi-Dimensional.  Explore the data from any direction, including residual material quantities, site acreage, owner/operator details, regulated CCR unit type (e.g., landfill, impoundment), known coal ash quantities, location restriction status, groundwater monitoring status.  
  • Responsive.  Highly responsive visualizations, using Qlik Sense in-memory processing, empower you to quickly find the most-important observations and trends, to be an effective provider of analytic services to your customer and business.  Chart types include maps, tables, bar charts, Sankey diagrams, and others.
  • Mash-Up Ready.  We use Qlik Sense to visualize and find the stories in the data. Many customers will mash-up the Mart data with their own proprietary information. Mapping is possible, allowing transportation options to be evaluated for coal ash beneficial reuse.

You can leverage this Data Mart along with others (think financial, site permitting) to generate your own unique observations for the US industrial market. Our favored BI solution, Qlik Sense™ Enterprise, makes mashing-up multiple data sets fun and easy.

The Ash Mart is part of the family of FirmoGraphs data marts, providing critical information and insight related to US utility and industrial markets. 

Click below to download our E-Book on 5 Critical Actions you can take to make your marketing more insight-driven, using Business Intelligence. 

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