FirmoGraphs & EPA's Natural Gas STAR Webinar

By FirmoGraphs Staff
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We have something interesting to share regarding the U.S. energy industry. FirmoGraphs is supporting efforts for oil, gas, and energy organizations to optimize their operations, and minimize air emissions, using Business Intelligence (BI).

Tomorrow we are co-delivering a presentation to U.S. industry, along with Kinder Morgan and Huco Consulting, in this Natural Gas STAR webinar hosted by the EPA.

During this webinar, Kinder Morgan, Huco Consulting, and FirmoGraphs will co-present on Data-Driven Decision Making.

Participation is free, and you can enroll online here at:

EPA’s Natural Gas STAR and Methane Challenge Programs recently launched a new webinar series with a Data Analytics track to discuss data management, analysis and interpretation, and data-driven operational changes.

The FirmoGraphs' Climate Mart™ has been employed by Huco Consulting within their customer base of upstream and midstream oil and gas customers. It contains data related to reported GHG emissions from US companies that are subject to the EPA mandatory reporting rule.

Our work with members of the U.S. Energy industry is core to FirmoGraphs mission of supporting the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of people, planet, and profit. In this case, as in most, FirmoGraphs is supporting an innovative, progressive provider of services to U.S. industry.

If you are interested, let's meet and discuss ways we can collaborate on your own market initiatives.


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